Staff Meeting Bilbao. National languages.

1. Presentations Olympiaskolan –  Läslyftet – Erasmus Mother Tongue Languages in Basque Country (a bilingual country) Multicultural background in Italy Self-esteem and Foerign Language Learning English as lingua franca: competence and opportunities Motivation questionnaire 2. Programme, participants and projectplan Programme Bilbao 15-19 jan. 2018 Project plan national languages Participant list PESE Evaluation Bilbao.docx

Evaluations Math

These are the results of the individual valuations of the subject math organized by country and a summary of answers and conclusions. Summary Conclusions on the period from February 2017 All answers from teachers after questions Evaluations Denmark Danish evaluation with students (Google forms result) Evaluations by students (Tanja Knudsen) Evaluations by students (Mikala Nielsen) […]